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Healing Isolation and Abandonment

Discover how energy healing can release feelings of isolation and allow you to open to the experience of allowing people into your life.

Explore how embracing self-acceptance and compassion can heal destructive beliefs, even when they have been locked in place for many years and lead to personal transformation.

The Power of a Different Perspective

Discover how the power of a different perspective can be a valuable resource in problem-solving and personal growth.

Approaching problems from a different perspective can help to identify previously hidden solutions and improve empathy and understanding in relationships and in collaboration efforts with other people.

This episode includes a case study of a man that was holding onto a perspective, which was holding him back from entering into new relationships. By becoming aware of his attachment and accepting it without judgment, he was able to develop a new perspective and enter into a new relationship.

Emotional Reality Vs. Physical Reality

Understanding Emotional Reality vs Physical Reality is understanding why you may feel like you’ve been reliving the same negative pattern in your life over and over, and you can’t figure out the reason why. Or experiencing an almost irrational fear about something in your life but it doesn’t make sense why you have this fear.

Patrick Rodriguez featured on Light Waves Radio

Soul Fragments In this episode Wendy Adams and Patrick Rodriguez discuss the journey of healing and the subject of Soul Fragments. Prolonged Grief In this holiday episode Wendy Adams and Patrick Rodriguez discuss the energy of Prolonged Grief.  We discuss the effects that it can have on people, what are contributing causes and how to […]