What is Energy Healing?

Today we’re going to be talking about what is energy healing or more specifically, what is energy healing from my perspective.

My feeling is that energy healing is about removing the internal blocks and obstacles that prevent us from moving forward and taking consistent action in our lives towards our desires.

A Real-Life Example

I’ll use an example here of a gentleman that I worked with a while ago. He told me that he would often go to bars while he traveled on business.

Sometimes it would be a hotel bar and sometimes a favorite place that he would come to know after a few visits. He told me that he would go to these places out of boredom while traveling for business, but then he would end up drinking too much and feel terrible the next day.

He asked me if I could just hypnotize him or something, so he wouldn’t go to the bars. I proposed a different goal.

What Stops Us from Taking Action?

I suggested that we work towards his having the emotional and energetic option of either going to the bar or not going to the bar while he was traveling.

With energy healing, my goal was the emotional and energetic freedom surrounding the behavior. That’s a little different than just trying to modify a behavior. I don’t want to take away or restrict energy in order to have a specific behavior result.

I find that when a person experiences the energetic freedom of what’s underlying an unwanted behavior they’ll always choose the greater or higher goal.

We worked on the energy of feeling afraid to feel bored. This took us back to the guilt and shame that his father would put on him as a child. For this grown adult man, he was still experiencing the stuck energy that was put in place growing up.

The Energy of Acceptance

From my perspective, it’s all about energy. Specifically, it’s a stuck energy inside of us that prevents us from consistently moving forward in the direction of our desires.

So energy healing is a process that allows us to release emotional intensity that’s associated with past circumstances or events in our life. As this gentleman began to release the energy from his past, he began to feel a greater sense of awareness of how those old triggers were affecting his present life.

He was then able to accept the fear of his younger self and have freedom from his unwanted behavior. Today, he tells me that he can go into one of his own favorite places and have a meal and then leave without even having much more than one drink or sometimes without drinking at all. Energy healing can happen in many ways.

My method of choice is using the energy of acceptance. Together, we target the younger part of ourselves that is still reacting from old past triggers and for most of us, we’re reacting emotionally to situations that are no longer even a part of our lives.

Moving Forward

Too many of us try and wait until the situation in our lives becomes a real problem and sometimes an unbearable problem before we reach out for help. But getting help is the real key, and I’m here to help as well.

You can reach out to me through my Contact page and set up a time for us to work together or sign up for my newsletter so you’ll know when new podcasts have been released.

I hope this has been helpful and insightful.


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