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This is the place to learn about Healing the Inner Child, as seen through the eyes of an Empath Healer.

I’ve been entrusted with the healings of countless individuals. What always stands out for me is the relationship of the individual with their inner child.

When the individual is living a life that isn’t going well that inner child is hurting. It is demanding to be heard, recognized, and allowed to heal; however, my clients are often at a loss as to where to even begin to heal the inner child. So, how do we heal the inner child?

First, we listen to the Inner Child, closely.

Second, once we’ve made a connection to the inner child, we do not tell it what to do – we allow him/her the space to grieve, cry, or to simply down-right feel afraid. Because in that space, healing can happen.

Third, we heal the inner child by connecting to her/him, and then allowing for the integration of the once separated inner child.


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