How Long Does It Take to Heal?


How Long Does It Take to Heal with Energy Healing?

Are you wondering if energy healing can be an instant miracle cure to your problems, kind of like the promise of instant weight loss without dieting or exercise? Or maybe like having your soul mate come knocking on your front door to carry you off to live happily ever after?

Well, maybe it isn’t quite that quick, but it can go a lot faster than many other traditional healing therapies. Today we’re going to be talking about, How long does it take to heal when using energy healing?

Can Energy Healing be a Quick Fix?

This is a question that I get asked a lot when someone first starts working with me. Unfortunately, there really is no way for me to accurately measure how long it’s going to take for someone to heal. But for most people, I don’t see healing as the true end-goal that they’re reaching for.

What I usually see, is that what most people want from energy healing is some tangible outcome towards a goal in their life. Energy healing is simply a means to an end. It’s the way to get past some unwanted behavior or some pattern in their life so that they can start living the life that they really want.

So when someone comes to me and asks me how long it will take to heal from whatever they may be experiencing, my standard reply is that I believe that it will take about 4-6 sessions to get out of the level of pain that they’re currently experiencing that’s blocking them from taking action towards their desire.

After that, they may find that they’d like to continue to reduce the level of discomfort related to the issue that they came with, or choose to work on an entirely different goal. And the real key here is within that phrase so I want to say it again, “blocking them from taking action towards their desire”.

The Role of Energy Healing in Overcoming Obstacles

I believe that what energy healing really does well is allow a person to take action towards their desires where previously that wasn’t really an option, emotionally or energetically.

Let’s take a look at an actual life experience to illustrate this point. This is a bit humorous but it is an actual experience, and there’s an important point to the story at the end.

Now before we jump into this story I’m going to offer a trigger warning to anyone that gets squeamish about snakes. The following story may bring some uneasy feelings, but it should also give you hope. So let’s jump right in. Recently, my wife and I were with another couple at a Mexican restaurant.

The restaurant served a variety of custom Tequila alcohols. At a table across from ours the waiter brought over a gallon bottle of tequila. Inside of the bottle there was an actual rattlesnake! This thing had to be at least 4 foot long. It wasn’t alive but it was still a pretty daunting site. I couldn’t stop staring at this thing. It looked massive all curled up in this bottle.

Now when I first started dating my wife, I learned that she had a very strong phobia of snakes. She was so terrified of snakes that we were once watching a movie on TV when a rattlesnake came on screen.

This scene only lasted for a few seconds. But in those few seconds she screamed, she lifted her feet up and she started crying uncontrollably. She had gone into full-blown Panic Survival mode instantly. Personally, I was pretty amazed at this response just from a movie scene.

After she calmed down (and we turned the movie off) I suggested that we do some energy healing work around this snake fear. She reluctantly agreed.

We worked on this issue of her fear of snakes for only about 15-20 minutes. We then went back to watching the movie. I backed it up to the place where she could see the snake scene again. This time there was almost no reaction and zero energy of panic.

So I can say with Absolute Certainty that my wife would NOT be okay holding a gallon bottle of snake tequila, even if it wasn’t alive and inside of a bottle, if she had not chosen to heal her fear of snakes.

And if you visit my website,, you’ll see the picture of my wife proudly posing with the bottle of snake tequila.

Setting Realistic Goals for Energy Healing

Now I mentioned earlier that we went to this restaurant with two of our friends. One of our friends told us that she used to work at a pet store. One of her tasks in working there was that she had to clean out the cages of the snakes that were to be sold.

I mention this story about our friend and the pet store because I don’t think that my wife is at the level of ease to where she could actually pick and handle a live snake, BUT, this wasn’t her goal or her desire. She ONLY wanted to not go into automatic Panic Survival mode when she would see a snake on TV.

And this is the point that I’m trying to make here with regards to how long does it take to heal. We don’t need to heal every single ache, pain or fear in our lives in order to move forward with our desires or life goals. We only need to bring the fear down enough so that we can move forward, without the weight of our past getting in the way of our progress.

My wife had no intention of going to work in a pet store or to be handling snakes. If she had, we would have needed to continue to do more on the issue. But the work that we did was enough to allow her to eat comfortably at this restaurant with a rattlesnake in a bottle at the next table.

Energy Healing is a Personalized Journey

So when someone asks me how long it will take to heal, I immediately begin to look where they are in relation to what goal or life experience that they desire.

In almost every single case, I see people progress in the direction of their desire in increments. And often people find themselves progressing rapidly because they see that it’s a goal that they already desire. So working towards a goal that you already desire will feel less intimidating than trying to heal the entirety of your past childhood or history.

So now let me turn this around and ask you, What are the metaphoric snakes in your life? And are these snakes keeping you from moving forward towards your life’s desires?

And my final question to you is, How long do you think it would take to remove these blocks from your life?

My experiences in helping people with direct energy healing is that progress can be much faster than with traditional therapies or than with other self-healing programs.

Help for Energy Healing

If you’re interested in learning more, I’ll invite you to check out my Services page. On there you’ll see a video of me working with a woman named May. And in about 20 minutes we help her to make a major shift in feeling stuck in her life after a major relationship break up.

And if you’d like to work one-on-one with me, I’m here to help. You can reach out to me through my Contact page and set up a time for us to work together or sign up for my newsletter so you’ll know when new podcasts are released.

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