Group Healing Sessions

What are Group Healing Sessions?

During group healing sessions you can expect the power of the group dynamic to assist you in healing your own “stuck energies” that may be preventing you from moving forward in your life.  I’ve found that the shared intention and the shared support can greatly assist you in your own journey of healing.

These group sessions are limited to a small number of participants.  I will be working with 2 or 3 people directly during each session, or possibly more.  But it has been my experience that each person will benefit from the interaction.  This becomes especially true when each person lends their own energy of compassion and support to the person experiencing the energy healing, while also holding the intent for their own personal healing.

In other words, many people find that their own past hurts begin to dissipate while supporting other people in the group.

Benefits of Group Healing Sessions

Affordability is one of the top benefits to group healing rather that private one-on-one sessions. But there are other benefits that you may feel make this a better fit for your healing journey.

Group healing sessions create a safe space to open and share old hurts.  The intent and support that you receive from other participants then allow for opportunities to receive love.  This is a powerful healing force.  Many people find it difficult to allow themselves to receive.  This environment helps to make that possible.

Group healing sessions can often lead to significant feelings of inspiration for you to face your own hidden fears.  As you experience another person overcome struggles, you may find yourself willing to be vulnerable and open to your own fears that have held you back in your life.

What Can You Expect?

I am a natural Empath. This simply means that I have a unique ability to perceive the feelings of another person when they give me permission to do so. By feeling your energy as you discuss your goals, desires and problems we are able to quickly pinpoint where are the “Energy Blocks” in your life. This allows us to gently release the energy of past hurts and fears, which then opens your ability to move forward in life without the weight of your past holding you back.

I refer to this method of energy healing as, Soul Healing Therapy. I truly believe that we are working at the soul level to release feelings that have been forgotten or suppressed, but that are still having negative effects in your life.

Still curious about what to expect?  I invite to see this short video of a demonstration that was recorded during a recent interview.

Pay What You Can

I offer one group class per month by donation only. I encourage participants to pay what they can. No one will be turned away if unable to pay. However, the class does fill up, so please register early.

On all calls I am live on Zoom video.  Participation can be by video, audio only or by phone.

Let’s Get Started

Ready to get started?  I invite you to use the form below to enroll or email me with any questions or concerns that you may have before getting started.

Thank you for reading.  I look forward to connecting with you and working with you.

Patrick Rodriguez